FOR HYDRATION, HYGIENE AND CLEANSING of eyelids and periocular area

  • Provides a quick and extended relief feeling
  • Compatible with other ophthalmic medications
  • Formula suitable for adults and children



Linfovir® Ofta is a medical device indicated for cleansing, hydration and decongestion of eyelids and periocular area.
Linfovir® Ofta wipes are soaked in an isotonic, water-based solution of active ingredients selected for their proven efficacy.

  • Provides a quick and extended relief feeling
  • Helps decreasing tearing, redness, itching, dryness and discomfort caused by dirt residues and foreign bodies
  • Does not irritate and does not leave foaming residues
  • Does not contain alcohol, silicones and parabens
  • Does not require rewashing

Packaging: 30 soft sterile disposable eye wipes

CE 0477 medical device. Ministry of Health Authorization of 18/11/2022. Carefully read the warnings and instructions for use.



1 wipe for each eye.
For the daily cleaning and hydration of the inner and outer eyelids and the periocular area.

Open the packet using the easy opening

Extract the wipe and gently wipe inside the eyelid and around the eye

Use a new wipe for each eye

Replace the wipe after cleansing an infected area, to avoid contamination of other areas

For complete instructions for use please read the leaflet.

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